Sabbatical Coaching: Personalized Support For Your Career Goals.

Need help planning your escape?

If you’re feeling burned out or unsatisfied at your job and are trying to find your next step, I’d love to help you through the process of planning a career break to give yourself dedicated time to recover and explore new possibilities.

We’ll meet a few times over the course of several weeks to review your goals, financial situation, and emotional preparedness. I’ll also give you some homework to work through on your own time.

By the end, you will have three deliverables:

  1. A financial plan showing your savings rate, monthly budget and target leave date.
  2. An emotional audit cataloging and addressing fears and uncertainties around leaving your job and exploring new things.
  3. A work maximization guide to help you get the most out of the “boring middle” between now and your target leave date.

You’ll learn from me, and I’ll learn from you. There’s no obligation to leave your job at the end of this process, but it’d be real cool if you did! Even if you're not sure that a work break is the right fit for you, I'd love to chat about it and help you evaluate the possibilities.

Get in touch.

Other Coaches

I'm not the only person who does sabbatical coaching! Here are some other coaches with expertise navigating sabbaticals, burnout, and career changes: